Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Lord beerus

Who will win ?

Goku super sayin god and he has been training for all of his life on super saiyan  god or Lord beerus. My thoughts are Goku super saiyan God. The only reason Lord  beerus won was because he wasn’t training in super saiyan god for as long as Lord beerus and Lord beerus is a God so no fair and if Lord beerus had to evolve to Lord beerus then he would of lost.This movie is dumb because Goku dies.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

studdy ladder

Book review

CTO this document into your reading folder with the title “Book Review of TITLE - your name”
Title:Crinkum crankum
Author:Margaret mahy
What would you rate this book out of 10?9/10

Who are you recommending this book to?
(Other year 5 and 6 students? Tamaki Students? Adults? People who like scary/funny stories?)

Who were the main characters in this book?The witch,fairy godmother,

What was the theme of the book?
(Was it funny? Was it scary? Did it contain lots of action?)It was cool

What was your favourite part of the book?the witch part’s

If you had to use 6 words to describe the book what words would they be?
Review written by: Troy
WALT:read the text and then do a script of it

Thursday, 9 June 2016


Words to describe the Shark:Hungry fearsome

Words to describe the water: ruff king tide

Words to describe the helicopter:It is a army helicopter

My Story starts here:
It is a sunny day at the beach a man goes swimming to the deep blue ocean.then a shark attack happens from a    fearsome great white about 18.6  feet.So the army comes to kill! It to put it in the states museum so a soldier came down from the ladder.Then the man on the ladder gave him a minigun and  shot the shark in the mouth and sold it to the museum for 99 million dollar$
People come from all around the world to see the Shark

perimeter and area - Troy

Friday, 3 June 2016

Samoan language week

Walt speak Samoan
cool fact did you know that samoa's water is warmer than new zealands water in the sea

Wednesday, 1 June 2016