Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Yesterday we were in the intermediate hall thats where we had our  Assembly There were 2 visitors   they mannage there ‘own company (Box Fit).A Teacher Mr.Nepia was A student at (Boxfit).

Willy got 1000  blog post.
willy  made A video about Tamaki primary. Stanley Brandon  Cristerwha  willy Ranea were in the video.It was fantastic I felt Overjoied.


when earthquakes strike the
ground.Drop.Hold.cover.Before the powerful earthquake shocks you down.Or sprint up A massive mountain.When the dangerous earthquake stops.Send the bravest Man Or woman to check.

different kinds of puppets

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

10 good things that hapend in term 3

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matariki -Troy

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Tane and the stars

Tane and the stars

Long long ago one dark and  windy night Tane looked at the pitch black skies and  thought the sky should have some light. He made nga whetu stars. He used metal  and lava from volcanos and a dash of lightning from the sky. He mixed them all together and chanted a magical spell that he had learned from his father. Then he put the stars and put them into his magic basket of flax. After that he flashed into the sky and scattered the flashing stars into the pitch black sky. Then he returned to the Earth.The people thanked Tane for brightening up the sky.