Friday, 7 December 2018

The lollie house

Today we made a lollie house it was so fun that even we just wanted to eat it.The people in my group names are Terry me obviously Troy.We had fun and we cant wait for and expo.Our meaning is dreaming about a lollie house and hopefully it becomes true.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018


Bedmas is a Order to solve an equation It is a faster wat to work out long problems1
What BEDMAS is: Brackets

17 − 2 3 + 4 × 5 = 14
First i did 4 x 5 = 20
then 17 - 23 = -6
-6 + 20 = 14

Monday, 19 November 2018

Does Money Really grow on trees?

Did u know that money actually does grow on trees? Well Technically.  As you can see - this not fake photo. Scientist have proven that money can grow on trees because of the fact that nothing’s impossible.
Image result for money growing on trees
And that wood Cost Money$ And wood Comes from Trees. So money does Grow on trees. So does fruit and fruit cost money$. That is another way to notify that money does grow on trees

Our Opinion On teacher's Strike

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Teachers voted overwhelmingly to go on strike in an effort to get smaller class sizes, more resources and significant pay rises.
Contract negotiations collapsed last Thursday after the Ministry of Education agreed to fund a half day's paid leave to allow teachers to consider the latest offer, but after consultation with some members, the union demanded a full day's paid leave.
In a last-ditch effort on Thursday afternoon, the ministry put forward a pay offer which the union's 30,000 primary teacher and principal members will consider at meetings during the rolling strikes. 

I Found this Piece of writing on this webpage
My Opinion On this After reading this Piece of writing Is that Teacher's Need Higher Pay rises. 

Thursday, 8 November 2018

There was A story Told About two boys. Who went in the forest. They were Playing a game. Then The Big brother Fell Down the stairs. And Died. Then the little brother Ran for help.
                20 Years Later

One MiseRable day William And his dad Went hunting Out in the country and They were warned that Someone Got murdered In an abandoned House And The Spirit Of that person still haunts that House They Didn’t Hear the warning So they went anyway And then they split up To Hunt faster And William’s Dad told Him To Remember to meet me Back at the gate. And While William was hunting he forgot the Time and he lost track where he was. Hours past And he came across The haunted house And he went Through To Check if anyone lived there and Would ask them for instructions As Soon as He Walked On the Doorstep. He had A Unreal Feeling. He knocked On the door. The doors flew open. He Walked Inside. The doors Slammed And He tried to get back out. But it was locked. William Shouted For help. The person who warned them Not to Go in the house Heard William. He rushed Over. Broke the door. And pulled out His cross From his Pocket. And yelled “ Stop It brother. Then the spirit Raised Up And Yelled “You made me Like This,This Is All your Fault”!

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

My version 😂

The three little pigs

Once upon a time there lived three little pigs with their mum happily ever after until one day A boy named kaden killed their mum and ate her because he couldn't afford to go to pak n save so the pigs had to move out and find jobs they looked everywhere for a job no one wanted to hire a pig so they decided to become police they moved to a place called the hood aka:Glen innes. Their first task was to arrest 6 teenagers up to no good at sylvia park the strongest one from the pack ran up to the three little pigs and sweeped the biggest pig and the leader of the pack was Troy the most strongest man alive. when they went to the police station the three pigs had another job to do. Find the murderer that killed the three little pigs mum. They found out somehow where they lived and killed the person named kaden Happily ever after…